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Each step to complete the Dung Eater questline in Elden Ring to unlock a unique ending and special armor.

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The Dung Eater is one of the most hated creatures in the Elden Ring. This character is introduced in the opening sequence, but it will be a while before players can start progressing through the Dung Eater questline. For those looking to unlock all endings, completing the Dung Eater questline should be a priority.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (3)

Before we dive into the gist of the Dung Eater questline, be aware that there are plenty of spoilers ahead. Spoilers include location names, character names, and late-game bosses. You have been warned, contaminated.

Miseater Mission

The Dung Eater quest chain is one of the longest NPC quests in Elden Ring. The reason for this is that you have to travel to Miquellas Haligtree, an optional location that takes a lot of work to get to.

Completing the Dung Eater questline will reward you with Furbane's Mending Rune, which unlocks an ending in the Elden Ring. You can also claim the Omen armor set, which increases Omen Bairn's damage.

For some players, you might be interested to know thatVenue's Curse Locations🇧🇷 This information can be found below via the link above.

Altus-Plateau and round table wine cellar

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (4)

To begin the Dung Eater quest, you'll first need to reach the Altus Plateau, an area accessible via the Grand Lift or the lake in Liurnia of the Lakes, which empties into a ravine to the northeast. When you reach the Altus Plateau, the Dung Eater will appear in Roundtable Hold.

If Roderika entered the room with Hewg the Blacksmith, she will tell you that she can hear the howls of the spirits as they react to the dungeon eater lurking in the opposite wing of the Round Table Tower.

You can now find the Dung Eater in the opposite wing of the Round Table, at the end of the hall, near Gideon the Omnisapient. The Dungeon Eater will not talk to you unless you give it the Hotbed Curse. So let's talk about where to find Seedbed Curses.

Venue's Curse Locations

Seedbed Curse items are crucial to Dung Eater questline progression. There are six to find, but you only need five to complete the Dung Eater story. Here you can find each one.

Lenydell Royal Capital - Blackguards Suche

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (5)

The first Curse Hotbed you can find is outside Leyndell Royal Capital in the moat after completing the Blackguard quest. The part of the moat runs north of the wall, south of Minor Erdtree. You must complete the Blackguard quest line before the Dung Eaters invade. Your quest involves buying Rya's necklace from him when he is in Liurnia of the Lakes, buying boiled shrimp, and then talking to him when he moves to the pit in Leyndell.

Leyndell Royal Capital - Eastern Capital Wall

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (6)

This non-quest-related Rookery Curse can be found in the Royal Capital of Leyndell. From the East Capital Rampart, follow the main path along the wall to where the Broken Gargoyle enemy is blocking the gate. Enter and take the elevator down. Enter the great room and go up the stairs on your right. The nursery's curse falls on the body tied to the chair.

Leyndell Royal Capital - Round table

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (7)

Another nursery curse in the royal capital of Leyndell, in the Roundtable Hold building to the west of the city. You can get to where the tree branch meets the building to the south. Go up the arena and enter the building. Go to where the manure eater would be to find another body tied to the chair and its nursery curse.

Volcano Manor - Eiglay Temple

This curse is found in the Prison Town church area, a location in Volcano Manor on Mount Gelmir. To reach this location, roll against the wall in one of Volcano Manor's side rooms to reveal a hidden passageway. Make your way through the lava area until you reach the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (8)

From Sitio de Gracia, take the elevator on the right to the next level and exit onto the balcony. Jump over the railing and onto the rocks below. Follow the path up the hill. You have to drop off a ledge and go up the ramp.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (9)

When you come out to the large lava filled area, run across the lava, up the small hill and jump through the window. Be careful because an Iron Maiden will try to hit you. Follow the path to another dark room outside a large hallway.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (10)
Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (11)

Make your way down the hall, past the snake soldiers, and into the next room. You'll find a ladder that leads to a throne defended by more snakes. Instead of approaching the throne, go up the stairs above the door you entered to find an imp statue and a smokescreen.

Use a stone sword key to clear the fog and lower the cages in the dark room. Below is another nursery curse on a body tied to a chair.

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree - Prayer Room

This curse is found on Miquellas Haligtree, more specifically Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. To find him, start in the prayer room and head northeast, out the door and down three steps (there are two crossbow soldiers above the last group). You are now in a small secret area with a body hanging from the railing.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (12)

Jump over the railing and onto a ledge. Climb down the ledge to find a large platform with a crimson teardrop beetle floating in the center of a small pagoda. Jump onto this platform and continue to the opposite ledge on the northwest side.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (13)

Climb up the pillar and jump to the ledge. Follow the ledge around (don't enter the door) to find a dead body on a chair at the end. If you look behind the corpse, you'll see a door guarded by a Putrid Avatar.

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree - Prayer Room

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (14)

This curse is found on Miquellas Haligtree, more specifically Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. To find it, start in the prayer room and head northeast, out the door and down seven steps.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (15)

The last set of stairs will take you to a door in a large room with a Cleanrot Knight inside, do not enter. Instead, jump over the railing on the right and onto the pole. Drop the support on a ledge below to find a ladder leading down into the dark. Go downstairs to find another body tied to a chair.

Manure eaters in the canal prison below the capital

Once you've found one of the Hotbed curses above, return to the Round Table Cellar and give it to the Dung Eater. He will give you the key to the sewer prison and tell you to free his body which is "trapped in the sewer prison below the capital".

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (16)
Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (17)

To find the Canal Prison, go to Leyndell Royal Capital. The entrance to the sewers can be accessed through an open shaft in the northwest of the city. You can find the exact location on the map above. Work your way through this area until you reach the underground bypass area and the underground roadside mercy seat.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (18)

From Grace's Underground Road Site, exit the room and go left towards Omen's enemies. Drop down through the hole to the left of the door. Go northwest on this lower section and around the corner. Go past the plant enemies and up the ladder. At the top, turn right to see a locked door. Open the door with the Sewer Key and go through to find the Dungeat.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (19)

Speak with the Dung Eater and free him from his prison. Now you can continue with the rest of the Dung Eater quest.

Defeat the Dung Eater

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (20)

If you return to Roundtable Hold and visit the room where the Dung Eater normally sits, it will reveal that he has indeed left. Instead, you discover a message on the floor that reads: I'll get you dirty next. Come to the outer well.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (21)

The Dung Eater can now ambush you in Leyndell, the capital, in the outer moat. Go north of the city and go down to the moat. Make your way through the shallow water until the Dung Eater invades. Be careful as you can also activate a Crab Enemy.

Defeat the Dung Eater, then return to Roundtable Hold to talk to him. At this point, the Dung Eater will ask you to bring him more Seedling Curses.

Complete the Miseater mission

All you have to do in the Dung Eater quest is feed him four more Curses from seedlings, bringing him to five in total. Use the list aboveVenue's Curse Locationsfind four more (there's one more in the world). To be frank, you mustdeliver the nursery curses to the dungeon eater corpse in the canal prisonbelow the capital.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (22)

After delivering all five Hotbed Curses to the Dung Eater, you'll receive the Fallen Curse Mending Rune, one of the items used to unlock an ending in Elden Ring.

Dung Eaters Questline - Elden Ring (23)

You can also revisit the Dungeon Hunter in the Canal Prison to unlock the Omen Armor Set. This set actually increases the damage of all of Omen Bairn's items.

The Dung Eater quest in Elden Ring is quite long, similar toRanni Quest LineyVarres Questreihe🇧🇷 Like these others, however, unique rewards and a possible ending are unlocked when you complete the Dung Eater quest by feeding it Seedling Curses. Check the secret newsElden Ring Strategy GuideFor more help acquiring items and solving puzzles!

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Does the Dung Eater have a Questline? ›

Dung Eater is one of the NPCs you'll encounter that has a main quest to complete in Elden Ring. For this part of our Elden Ring guide, you'll find details of where to find him, how to begin his questline, and how to get the ending associated with him.

How do you complete the dung eater quest Elden Ring? ›

Dung Eater quest summary

Meet Dung Eater in Roundtable Hold. The door to his room will unlock once you reach Altus Plateau. Find one of the six Seedbed Curses and speak to him again to receive the Sewer Gaol Key. Head to the Subterranean Shunning Grounds below Leyndell and tell Dung Eater to leave his cell.

Should I let Dung Eater out Elden Ring? ›

Step 5: Set the Dung Eater free

Unlock the door and speak to the Dung Eater, commanding him to leave his cell. It can be tempting to kill him here, given what he informs you he's planning to do, but you must resist the urge if you're going to complete this quest.

Why is Dung Eater important Elden Ring? ›

Well, apparently, he's not just evil for evil's sake. Like all beings who are vying for the Elden Throne or the Elden Ring's power, Dung Eater's goal is to curse all beings in the Lands Between. He does this through his aforementioned Seedbed Curses, which grows on the corpses of his victims.

Should I finish Dung Eater Questline? ›

While it may sound repulsive enough to put one off ever going near it, the Dung Eater's questline is well worth the effort required by virtue of the rewards it offers players. It not only leads to a set of armor and a new weapon, but it also gives players an item needed to unlock one of the game's endings.

Is the Dung Eater ending worth it? ›

Elden Ring Dung Eater ending

This is the Dung Eater's ending, in which you use the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse on Fractured Marika. To do this you have to follow the Dung Eater quest (opens in new tab), but it's undoubtedly a bad ending, since you curse the world and all of its inhabitants.

What do you get for killing Dung Eater? ›

If killed in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, he will drop the following: Omen Helm. Omen Armor. Omen Gauntlets.

How do you activate the Dung Eater ending? ›

To achieve this ending, you'll need to complete the Dung Eater Questline that sees you give Dung Eater enough Seedbed Curse to free his form and get the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. After the boss battle, you'll then be able to choose to either: Mend the Elden RIng or Use Mending Rune of the Fell Curse.

How do you trigger a Dung Eater invasion? ›

This invasion will happen if you have followed the Dung Eater's questline by talking to him in Roundtable Hold, and then freeing him from his prison in the Subterannean Shunning-Grounds.

Is Dung Eater a good summon? ›

The Dung Eater Puppet is a top choice thanks to its ability to withstand a beating, making this Summon great for tanking against bosses. It doesn't deal the most damage, but it has a wide range of attacks, such as a unique scream that works at range, and can cause bleed buildup.

What happens if you refuse Melina help Elden Ring? ›

So if you don't say yes, you won't be able to spend the Runes you collect on improving your character's stats, and you'll have to walk everywhere.

Does it matter when I fight Radahn? ›

You can fight Radahn at any point in the game without even having to deal with a dungeon. He's sent summons across the land, calling for champions to fight him in the hopes of ending his Scarlet Rot-induced madness.

Who is the strongest character in Lore in Elden Ring? ›

Maliketh is the most powerful character in Elden Ring who is not a demi-god. This beast-like creature is the Shadow to Queen Marika, essentially acting as the demi-god's enforcer. What truly makes Maliketh a formidable foe is his sword, which wields the power of Destined Death.

What happens if you feed Deathroot Elden Ring? ›

In exchange for each deathroot you give him, he'll reward you with a seal and several bestial incantations, along with other beast-themed rewards.

What is the most important skill in Elden Ring? ›

Endurance is the most important stat to level up early on, no matter your chosen Elden Ring class, because it increases your stamina. Stamina is required for attacking, blocking, dodging, running, and just generally staying alive during fights. It's by far the thing you need most at the beginning of the game.

What happens if I use the Seedbed Curse on Dung Eater? ›

A tender pox afflicted with omen horns. The Dung Eater cultivates the seedbed curse on corpses. By doing so he prevents dead souls returning to the Erdtree, leaving them forever cursed.

What to do after curing millicent? ›

After leaving Millicent's world, go rest at the Drainage Channel Site of Grace again, then return to where you just fought the invaders to find Millicent. Exhaust her dialogue, rest once more, then come back a final time to find her dead. Looting her body will earn you the Unalloyed Gold Needle.

Who should I give Seluvis's potion to? ›

Administering Seluvis' Potion to Nepheli Loux

All you need to do is progress Nepheli's questline until she is in the Roundtable Hold, give her the potion, and rest at a Site of Grace. She will make her way over to Seluvis' laboratory, where she will become his puppet.

Is Ranni good or evil? ›

The Fingers and Ranni are in direct opposition, but neither one is “good” or “evil”; the former seeks to maintain the status quo (quite like keeping the Flame alight in Dark Souls' ending), while the latter wants something brand new for everyone who's suffering as a result of said status quo.

What is the hardest ending to get Elden Ring? ›

The Frenzied Flame ending is probably the strangest one that Elden Ring has to offer. It's also the most difficult to trigger. Your maiden, Melina, will actually abandon you if you pursue the Frenzied Flame ending, just to give you an idea of how far off the beaten path you'll have to go.

What is the coolest ending in Elden Ring? ›

According to Elden Ring achievement data, the most popular ending in FromSoftware's open world action-RPG was the Age of the Stars ending. Elden Ring has multiple endings for players to unlock, like many FromSoftware games before it.

Is the Dung Eater evil? ›

The Loathsome Dung Eater is one of Elden Ring's most evil boss characters. His actions are horrific in-game and in lore, and players should fear him.

What happens if you give Dung Eater the potion? ›

Once you win you can start feeding the guy Seedbed Curses, or you can give him the potion. If you do that, Selvius will sell you a Dung Eater summon, which is pretty strong.

How do you save Melina? ›

At the end of the day, to save Melina, you have to take her place as the sacrificial offering to the Erdtree by making her leave you before the conclusion of her arc.

What is the tankiest spirit in Elden Ring? ›

Lhutel the Headless is Elden Ring's best tank Spirit Summon, as she's equipped with heavy armor and a greatshield. She can also throw her spear for solid ranged damage and will constantly teleport around enemies, making it difficult for them to hit her.

What is the tankiest spirit ash? ›

Lhutel the Headless Ashes

Lhutel the Headless is arguably the best tanking summon you'll find in the game. She won't dish out as much damage as some other spirit ashes, but the sheer survivability of this ally is unmatched.

What is the best summon against malenia? ›

Black Knife Tiche (get her here)– This is one of the best summons in the game and a perfect counter to Malenia. She will dodge enough so Malenia will not auto-feed health off of her on-hit, and her cursed blade move will do significant DPS and offset a lot of her healing.

Is Melina and Malenia the same? ›

Melina and Ranni are NPCs in Elden Ring, whereas Malenia is a boss, arguably the most challenging. Melina is the first to meet Elden Ring players in Limgrave and frequently appears when resting at sites of grace.

Is Melina a Demigod? ›

Queen Marika, mother of demi-gods, is Melina's mother, making Melina a demi-god and, therefore, Ranni's sister.

Why do Tarnished need a maiden? ›

Finger Maidens serve as guides for Tarnished warriors seeking the Elden Ring, as they can turn gathered runes into strength (which is how the player levels up and assigns attributes to customize their character).

Why is Radahn horse so small? ›

Elden Ring: Radahn and Leonard, The Rider and Its Horse

It turns out that Radahn learned Gravity Magic in Elden Ring for the sole purpose of never being separated from his horse, thus alleviating his weight off the shoulders of the horse.

Can you cheese Radahn? ›

It turns out you can actually cheese the boss fight with Elden Ring's mighty General Radahn. At least, you can cheese it once you get his health whittled down to 50 percent, which is admittedly still a task in its own right.

What level should I be for Godrick? ›

Godrick the Grafted: Overview
NameRecommended LevelRunes
Godrick the Grafted3015,000 Runes
1 more row
Mar 18, 2022

Is ranni stronger than malenia? ›

Still, if Ranni was always the intangible, one-shotting demigod she is in Elden Ring, then she may very well be more powerful than Radahn and Malenia combined. In that instance, she's more than worthy of being considered the strongest demigod in the game.

Who is stronger Radahn or Malenia? ›

At this point, Malenia and Radahn were basically on equal footing in power, but if Radahn got more pieces of the Great Rune, he would certainly have been more powerful than her, and that would have put Miquella's life in danger, which she could not allow.

Who is the God of Elden Ring? ›

The Fell God is a deity of fire in Elden Ring, mainly associated with one of its most powerful bosses: the Fire Giant. The Fire Giant that players encounter as a boss in Elden Ring is the last of his kind, an ancient race that lived in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

Is Gurranq and Maliketh the same? ›

Elden Ring: Gurranq and Maliketh are One and The Same

Players would be forgiven for thinking that the first time they meet Maliketh is on Farum Azula, where they kill him and restore Destined Death to the Lands Between.

Should I hand over all my Deathroot? ›

It'll take some time to find them all, but you'll unlock a unique range of Incantations for your trouble. Even if you're not keen on using Faith-based spells, it's worth giving all the Deathroot away. The final spell you unlock is powerful and has a low Faith requirement.

Why is Gurranq hostile? ›

After delivering four Deathroots, Gurranq will become hostile and will attack you on your next visit to the Bestial Sanctum. Fight back and he'll eventually calm down once you've taken a good chunk of his HP.

When should I stop leveling Elden Ring? ›

It's advisable to stop leveling Mind at 40 points due to diminishing returns. This is unless you really need more for your build, then you can take it to 55 or 60 before the caps start to kick in.

What is the best weapon in Elden Ring overall? ›

The Best Weapons in Elden Ring
  • Sword Of Night And Flame is great for Intelligence/Faith builds. ...
  • Sword Of Night And Flame is great for Intelligence/Faith builds. ...
  • Lusat's Glintstone Staff is the best staff in the game for pure damage output. ...
  • The Meteorite Staff is the best staff in the game for beginners.

What is the max weapon level in Elden Ring? ›

There are ten tiers of Somber Smithing Stones, including the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which is available toward the end of the Elden Ring game and can upgrade weapons to +10 (max upgrading level).

What happens if you do Dung eater quest? ›

After giving the Dung Eater 5 Seedbed Curses, his quest line will be complete and you will be rewarded the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. Reload the area to find the Omen Set where he gave you the rune.

What do you get for beating Dung Eater? ›

Complete the game

Once you find at least five total Seedbed Curses and return them to Dung Eater, he will give you one final prize: The Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. This is a key item that will be used, unless you also meet the requirements for other endings, once you beat the final boss of Elden Ring.

Does Dung Eater affect the ending? ›

Elden Ring's Dung Eater not only guides the player to the game's worst ending, but he doesn't even offer any rewards or achievements for doing so. The Loathsome Dung Eater guides the player to the worst ending in Elden Ring, and there is absolutely no reason for the player to follow him to it.

What is the Dung Eater alternate ending? ›

After giving him the five Seedbed Curses, Dung Eater will give you the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse which can be used for the Blessing of Despair ending, and his questline will be over.

Can you get Dung Eater armor? ›

Killing the Dung Eater right after giving him Seluvis's Potion allows you to get both the Omen Set and the Dung Eater Puppet. However, should you leave the area or quit and reload, his body would disappear, preventing you from getting his armor set.

Where do I go after killing Dung Eater? ›

Once you free the Dung Eater, he'll go straight for Boggart and kill him. Once you're here, progress until you find the Underground Roadside Site of Grace, then head out of that room and go left. Past the ogres will be a hole in the ground where you can drop into a sewer.

Should I use the Seedbed Curse on the Dung Eater? ›

No, you should not use seedbed curse on a dung eater. Seedbed curse is an ancient spell used to help plants grow and attract more nutrients from the soil.

Is Dung Eater the good guy? ›

The Dung Eater is a minor antagonist from 2022 action-RPG video game Elden Ring. He is a depraved Tarnished within the Roundtable Hold that is obsessed with defiling the corpses of many. He was voiced by Jim Johnson.

What happens if I summon Ranni? ›

Instead of touching the item that leads to the Elden Lord ending, use that sign to summon Ranni - and that gives you the Age of the Stars ending. In this ending, Ranni ushers in a new age governed by the moon, apparently sweeping away the Golden Order and its rule over The Lands Between.


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