Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (2023)

If you've ever wanted to live out your own wild fantasy, then this is it.Building the Greatsword of the Elden Ringwas made for you is about aFire-Ring-ConstructionThis allows players to wield one of the most intimidating weapons in the entire game, in a way that allows them to crush enemies and bosses alike with powerful attacks.

Players can specify this build very early in the game and use it during matches if they wish. Getting the main weapon can be a little tricky, but it's nothing that can't be done with a few early runs. They can be intimidating and a little harsh, but in the end they are worth it.

Because the reward for doing so will allow you to succeed in the rest of the game. So with all said, let's jump right into ourElden Ring Best Greatsword build.

you can alwaysI respectYour stats from your current build to the Tears of the Larva Greatsword build. You can easily find one onAlbinauros Village. your faithful companionstream horseit will get there very quickly.

Important points

  • ANDlong sword constructionit allows the player to wield one of the most intimidating weapons in the game that can pass through enemies and bosses very easily.
  • The recommended starting class for the Greatsword build isTrampbecause of its high basestrength, skill, jKraft.
  • The sword usually scales a lot and is found Northwest caravan boxRuins of Caelem, Place of MercyEmPlease. It has a base damage of164and requires a31 strengthpractice.
  • Any armor is fine with the Greatsword build as long as it doesn't exceed the average weight limit. HeHobo Armor SetjRitter-Setshould work for beginners10-20 hoursabout the game.
  • The talisman that goes well with the Greatsword build isArmory Amulet, Starscourage Family Heirloom, Ax Talisman, jAssassin's Crimson Dagger. This talisman helps inviolence, damage, jResistanceof the player
  • It is recommended to analyze the situation before approaching the enemy, as the general attack speed of this weapon is much slower than the others.
  • war ashes"Seal (Rising Cut)"It can also be used as a means of nullifying recoil and maintaining posture, as well as dealing heavy damage.

Building the Greatsword of the Elden Ring

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (1)

Anyone wanting to spec this build of Elden Ring Best Greatsword should probably check out ourBest starter class guidefor help on what works best for them, but my personal recommendation is thisTramp.

The class begins with a high level of vigor, vigour, andCapacity, all of which are needed for this build. The Dexterity stat in particular is something we won't touch again, as we want them to wield our weapon of choice, but we'll be putting a lot more points into stamina, stamina, and moreFortaleza.

In particular, we want to make sure we level up enough and get our base power to at least 21, but the ideal value is 31 or more.

That's because the broadsword of this build in question is aa arma colossalthis requires 31 strength to wield with one hand, but you can wield it two-handed with 21. For those who don't know, two-handedwaffenallows you to increase your strength by 50%, which allows you to get around the high requirements for some larger weapons in the game.

Well whichever route you choosechange ringGreatsword Build, this article has you covered anyway. Fair warning, this is neatmelee construction.

Big Sword Kit

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (2)

Now let's talk a little more in detail about all the necessary equipment for this build, having in mind a beginner character. Again, this guide is primarily for new players, so everyoneelementsThe ones mentioned below can be acquired relatively early in the game. And none of these elements imply anythingmagic or sorcery.

When you get stronger and acquire some of theThe best melee weapons in the game, you can replace any item at any time. However, I think the greatsword we mentioned is useful throughout the game, and you can keep leveling it up and keep it useful indefinitely. After all, the construction bears the specific name of the weapon.

long sword

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (3)
the statisticsattackGuardian
the statisticsClimbRequirements

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You might have seen the title of this guide and assumed we were talking about greatswords in general, but that's not the case here. For the purposes of this Elden Ring greatsword construction, we are specifically talking about the weapon simply called the "greatsword".

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This is the weapon that has quickly become a player favorite due to its skills and abilities.waffenas well as to which it refers.

As suggested by its appearance and item description, the sword is a reference to the legendary Berserk manga by Kentaro Miura, in which the main character, Guts, wields a weapon very similar to the Great Sword. Elden Ring Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has also credited Berserk as a major influence on his work.

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Again, the weapon is classified as a colossal sword, so it's heavy and its moveset is one of the slowest in the game. Swinging the weapon even for a simple attack takes a lot of time. Some other skill-based weapons like this onemeteoric ore blade, they have heavy charge attacks that have shorter animations than a normal broadsword light attack.

But in return, each hit deals a huge amount of damage and you can surprise most enemies and bosses with one or two charged hits at most. The attacks also have a wide enough arc that you can easily attack multiple enemies at once.

However, the weapon does not have passive effects like some of thebest weapons, but you really don't need it.

This weapon is fueled by sheer destructive power alone, and that's enough to get your own Elden Ring Best Greatsword build.

At a base level, Greatsword does a good 164 damage without upgrades or affinities. And once upgraded to the maximum +25, that stat increases to a whopping 401 damage. This is currently the most physical damage of any weapon in the entire game.

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Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (4)

Also, the higher your Strength stat, the Greater Sword does more and more damage. With no affinities or buffs applied, the weapon has a C scale in power, which is pretty decent to start with. However, if you upgrade the weapon to +8 and apply one of yourashes of warfor him and change his affinity to Heavy, this scale increases to B.

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Now, B is incredibly decent range to scale Strength as far as this Elden Ring greatsword build goes, and your weapon should easily do over 350 damage per hit if you have at least 31 Strength. But stick with the weapon and keep upgrading it to at least +20 and that scale will change to A.

Keep investing in Strength as well, and you should now be doing 500 - 550 damage per hit with no problem. You will cut the reliefs as if they were made of paper.

The Greatsword's Seal (Cut Up) ability is also an extremely useful Ashes of War that has two distinct uses. The first of these is Sigil, which allows players to brace for impact and adopt a stance that negates the recoil of most attacks.

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Using this against enemies such as giants who hit hard allows you to attack like a champion and then follow through with the upward slash. This is a devastating upward slash that can hit most normal enemies and deal incredible damage to bosses and the like. Therefore, although it is a risky skill, it is always worth using it successfully.

Players can find the Greatsword in a Caravan Chest northwest of Caelem Ruins Sanctuary in Caelid. The entire region is a death trap for new players, but believe me, acquiring this weapon is much easier than finding the location of theGreat Sword of Moonlight.

Armor to build Greatsword

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (5)

Armor is a tough thing to talk about in Elden Ring Greatsword Build, and that's mostly due to the weight of your gear. You see, the greatsword is already one of the heaviest weapons in the entire game, and it's also enough to get a medium load on its own when equipped. Combine a little more armor on top and you'll hit Heavy Load instantly. you see the problem

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On the one hand, this is acceptable for many players who try to block withshieldsinstead of dodge rolls. But on the other hand, the enemies in this game hit hard and sometimes you have no choice but to dodge their attacks. Therefore, when you carry a heavy load, this rocking motion becomes very slow and ineffective.

This is where resistance comes in, and it's something we haven't covered before. This stat increases your character's stamina, as well as the maximum weight he can carry before being taxed.

So by adding points, you can run further, attack and dodge more often, while carrying heavier gear.

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (6)

This allows you to technically equip the greatsword along with some of the heaviest armor in the game and still effectively avoid paper. The problem though is that you have to invest a lot of points into Endurance for this to work. And at that point, you extract runes from your other stats. Keep in mind that this Elden Ring greatsword build focuses primarily on strength.

So you have two options at this point. You can limit the stamina and invest in a really light armor set and equip it along with the greatsword. This allows you to dodge the reel effectively, but at the cost of very limited defense.

If you've invested absolutely nothing in stamina, you could even remove the armor entirely if you'd like, and it would still work. But a strong hit or two will definitely be enough to kill him, so to be honest, it's important to be light on your feet and dodge the weather.

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (7)

Your other option isfarm runesand upgrade the stamina until the equipment's allowable weight is high enough to carry the weapon and decent armor.

This is the recommended course of action because while dodging is great, sometimes you'll land a hit, especially with a weapon as slow as the greatsword. He just wants to make sure he doesn't drop dead if that happens.

When it comes to an armor set, you can pick and choose whatever you like, there isn't one we recommend specifically for greatsword building.

The Drifter armor set is good enough for the first 10 hours, but after that you might want to get the Knight set after you defeat himGodrickThe grafted. Choose what you like best after this point.

(Video) Elden Ring Starscourge Greatsword Build Guide - How to build a Starscourge (NG+ Guide)

Talismans to build great swords

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (8)

There are manyTalismane em Elden Ring, but we've chosen a few that can make or break your character. As part of this Elden Ring Greatsword build, we are going to look at some of them and explain their importance and use.

First up is the Arsenal spell, which is an extremely useful item for this build as it increases your maximum gear load by 15%. This allows players to gain that little edge they need to have the right armor next to the extremely heavy greatsword.

This can make the difference between being able to dodge the reel or not. Starscourage Heirloom is also an excellent talisman for STR-focused builds.

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (9)

You can obtain this talisman by talking to an NPC named Nepheli Loux, who can be found in a room just before the Godrick The Grafted boss fight in Stormveil Castle.

After you've exhausted her dialogue and defeated the boss, you'll find her in the Roundtable Hold, where the firstherrerohe is found. Talk to her here and she will reward you with the Armory Spell.

The second item on this list is the Ax Talisman, which can be found at the beginning of the Mistwood Ruins in East Limgrave. This increases the damage dealt by your attack attacks and increases the total damage dealt by your character by 10%.

This allows players to supplement their already powerful attacks and drain health and stun enemies faster. It is a rather simple but effective talisman.

And finally we have themMurdererIt's the Crimson Dagger. This is a talisman that won't be exclusive to the Elden Ring Greatsword Build, and for good reason. Since it restores health on critical hits, the greatsword can stun enemies more efficiently than many other weapons.

This allows you to string together somersaults and critical hits and ensure your health is always at maximum.

Elden Ring Espada Grande Bautipps

Elden Ring: BEST Greatsword Construction (10)

During the first 10 hours of gameplay, your character will be extremely weak and one or two hits from a strong enemy will be enough to kill him. And as someone playing an Elden Ring greatsword build, his armor situation is probably uncertain as well. But this is the path you have chosen and now you must take it.

Colossal Sword users cannot play on the edges of a group of enemies, they need to get closer to be effective. You must find openings where you can and approach with confidence and a ready weapon.

You go in, land a big hit, and try to capture as many enemies as possible in a single arc. Analyze the situation, and if you get a few more hits, take them.

But know when to back off and when to keep up the pressure, because even the most heavily armed character can easily be lured into Elden Ring.

His weapon has an extremely slow moveset and can take some time to launch attacks. If a small group of enemies hit you at once, you'll never be able to fight back. Depending on the speed of your evasive maneuver, your escape routes may also be restricted.

(Video) The Ultimate MOST POWERFUL Weapon Tier List - Best Highest Damage Greatsword in Elden Ring!

Remember his Stamp skill (Upward Cut). The first part can allow you to nullify the knockback you receive from attacks, which is an extremely effective way to keep your balance in the heat of battle.

You can even use the up slash to take out an enemy or two in one hit if you find the attack window.

If you've invested a few points in stamina, a shield can be a killer combination with a greatsword. You swing your sword and immediately raise your shield to defend yourself. Repeat this process as many times as necessary. This Elden Ring Greatsword Build is primarily intended as atwo hands style, but that doesn't mean you can't use a shield if you want to.

But make a decision and make it early. Or you can forego rolling dodges in favor of a shield and heavy armor by investing in stamina. Or you can forgo damage negation to prioritize higher damage and dodge the whirlwind by investing strength.

You can choose both together at the end of the game when you pass level 70, but in the beginning you have to stick with one or the other. Make your choice.

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