Elden Ring Chief Guide: How to defeat Malênia, blade from Miquela (2023)

Elden Ring Chief Guide: How to defeat Malênia, blade from Miquela (1)

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Elden Rings heads are incredibly difficult from start to finish, but none of them are as brutally difficult as Malenia, the blade of Miquela. Heah damage, unpredictable movement and a unique mechanic who usually breaks down completely if he does not play carefully.

Even the hardest boss can be defeated, and it is quite possible to overthrow Malênia after learning what he is able to understand how to avoid more mortals and use the right tools in combat. In this guidewe will examine everything you need to know about the defeat of Malênia, the Miquela blade inAnel de Elden.

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Elden Ring Malenia Generalrats

Elden Ring Chief Guide: How to defeat Malênia, blade from Miquela (2)

These general tips help you to prepare for the fight and plan how you will knock Malênia.

  • Malenia heals when he strikes you and then avoiding his attacks is crucialYou should always prioritize the reservation of preservation against Dodge and a patient in this fight to try quickly to tear it down with bursts.
  • The use of a sign to block attacks reduces the amount of healing you get to winIf you have difficulty avoiding a certain attack, try to block it with a good updated sign for the final game levels to avoid damage and heal a large part of your health.
  • Malênia does not have much balance, so that the power figures can generally meet several times in a quick episodeThe biggest attacks by Malênia cannot be interrupted.
  • Malênia can be staggered if they are recorded with enough attacksDo not miss this opportunity to beat yourself with a critical ripid or attack it several times while it is surprised.
  • Malênia is very susceptible to bleeding, so it is very effective to use a skill/arcane construction with blood weapons. I won it completely updatedEstablished energyBlood Uchigatana, but other bloody weapons also work well. If you sing, a large part of your health will be removed, which contributes to neutralizing your healing.
  • The tears of the imitatorSpirit Ash InvocarIt is extremely useful in this fightThe tearmime creates a copy of its character, which is much more tank when it is fully updated, completely with armor, weapons, magic and equipped objects.To release infinity from stone elements that are slowly healing, and this in an area of activity when it has equipped them.
  • Keep many hands preservation bolus. This elements heal scarlet rot, a poison that evil can inflict it in phase 2 of his struggle. This effect removes its terrible health and has quickly rejected its healing properties if he has no cure preservation bolus.-Crbsen, a glass moss and a sacramental outbreak create when you take the kitchen book of the aircraft [6] of the Sifa river.

Elden Ring Malenia Fase 1

Elden Ring Chief Guide: How to defeat Malênia, blade from Miquela (3)

The first phase of the fight against Mannia Head is incredibly difficult, although domain will also help you prepare for most phase 2.What do you need to know about it?

  • The evil standard attacks consist of melee combinations with fast bars and scanns. Hosis are notAlsoIt is difficult to avoid, but you can still catch it if you surround it too early.
  • Every time the Malênia Spark prosthesis is prepared for a special attack, you have to be ready to avoid. You can't numb it. If the sword ends, it will make a few heavy and slow stops. If you withdraw the sword, you will make a fatal boost. If your arm arises, but none of this information will be carried outCome on and start a quick combination of four goals.
  • Be careful with an attack in which Malenia takes you with her prosthesisIf this attempt to fight against landing, she will throw it into the air and transform it into her sword. This attack causes a lot of damage and will probably kill him immediately.
  • When misunderstandings in the air, move and prepare to avoidThe vascurations of bars will start in them and wait a second before they attack them with more. This continues until it ends up on the floor and ends the combination with another movement that can fall.dangerous and can kill him almost immediately. The key to avoid it isKeep yourself quietly and avoid spam rolls.O for you while she attacks you again in your combination after every break. You can also block the initial flooding of attacks with a sign, althoughÖBreak your position when you try more to block.
  • Attack: often under their special movementsSince Malênia has a low balance, you can often achieve many good successes and prevent you from using your standard attacks until one of the uninterrupted is continuous.
  • After holding onto and landing a ripid, wearing and beating a strong attack while he gets upYou will not be able to avoid this, so you can enjoy free damage.

If you carefully avoid your attacks and attack as quickly as possible, you will end up going down your health bar. Infate, but Malênia returns more than ever before.

Elden Ring Malenia Fase 2

Elden Ring Chief Guide: How to defeat Malênia, blade from Miquela (4)

After Malênia flies into the air and reveals its true shape, it has to tear them down and end it once and for all, which is what they need to know about the second phase of Malenia.

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  • Malênia begins the phase to collide with them and create a huge magical flower.The influence of his accident hurts very much and the flower shows scarlet rotting.So avoid your attack and then move in front of the flower.
  • When the flower disappears, Malênia attacks with the same attacks as phase 1. There are some new movements that we will follow next, but most of the time their attack patterns are the same.
  • Occasionally, Malênia will try to hit her with a big blow and later to generate an explosion of the scarlet rack.The sword's attack and the explosion cause many damage, and the last thing that should be dealt with is a lazy scarlet poisoning.
  • When Malenia flies into the air, she surrounds her flowers and begins to throw family members with swords.It is crucial to avoid themIn this attack, large quantities of scarlet rots are also shown by shields, and then the time of its dodging is careful every time they work from a relative.
  • The floating attack by Malenia, the attack of Phase 1, adds scarlet rot in this phase;
  • If Melania repeats the movement of your flower, use the additional time you can heal and the buffetIt is in the flower for a few seconds and ensures a time to regain your breathing.
  • Attack on evil among his special movements as well as in phase 1.

This phase istryDifficult, but still all sorts of things and you can overthrow times at some point. If you do this, congratulations: you defeated the most difficult boss of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is finally here and is for 60 US dollars in the Xbox X |S series, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC available.The best Xbox gamesYou can now play if you are a fan of challenging role -playing games and we recommend it strongly.

Elden Ring Chief Guide: How to defeat Malênia, blade from Miquela (5)Dark Soul's successor

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Anel de Elden

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Elden Ring is one of the latest fantasy epic in the software with an open design approach in a universe created by the president of From software, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and author of Ice Song and Fire, George R.R.Martín.

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Elden Ring Chief Guide: How to defeat Malênia, blade from Miquela (6)

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