How to beat the Fringefolk Hero's Grave dungeon in Elden Ring (2023)

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You can master the first big challenge right away if you choose the right memory.

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The Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero's Grave Dungeon is the first dungeon you can access in the game if you choose to do so.stone keybladeas a souvenir and worth a visit. You can get a Golden Seed, a large talisman at the start of the game, a spirit ash enchantment from NPCs in the form of Oleg, as well as a Holy Seal for casting enchantments. If you have a bow with you, there's even a chance to get the powerful Earth Tree Great Bow by killing the Dungeon Carriage.

There are many other Hero's Tomb dungeons in Elden Ring, and they are some of the most difficult. This is a great way to introduce you to some of them.LossMechanics to contend with, but also how to stealth kill carriages that try to run you over for secret items and make the rest of the dungeon easier to navigate.

You might want to come back later, but this dungeon is very doable early in the game, especially if you've chosen a class other than Wretch. Here's how to solve the initial cart puzzle, kill the Earth Tree Great Bow cart, and defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss.

Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero's Grave Walkthrough: How to Get Through the Wagon

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How to beat the Fringefolk Hero's Grave dungeon in Elden Ring (3)

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After unlocking the dungeon with a Stone Keyblade, jump off the ledge into the pool of poison below and quickly run to the right to avoid getting poisoned. Once you've done that, get ready for the hardest part of this dungeon.

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Around the corner you will see a huge stone carriage going up and down a slope. Wait for him to walk away and run between the gaps on the right. A creepy crossbowman will spawn in the second alcove, but he's easy to stun and shrug off. A swordsman will spawn in the third alcove, and in the fourth alcove another swordsman will challenge you from the left and a crossbowman to the right behind you. You should have time to quickly kill the swordsman before moving on to your crossbow-wielding friend. So, or just drive past them and let the car crush them.

As soon as you turn the corner, the carriage will change course to chase you, so get as far away as possible before it does. When you come to the narrow sidewalk, do not cross it. Instead, wait for the carriage to pass. To the left, drop down to the ledge below and sneak up to the goblin on the nearby wall. You can now either go back down and head down the hill to the boss, or head down the hall to the Earth Tree Favor Talisman and kill the carriage, although you will need a bow to do so.

Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero's Grave Dungeon: How to Kill Wagon

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Do you want to kill that pesky carriage? For this you need a bow. After going down the carriage path towards the imps, kill them and head down the hall. Carefully go down the stairs and use a bow to shoot the column of flames and drop it. Watch out for the goblin on the right as you move.

Continue past the pillar until you reach the room with the bridge. On the other side of this bridge is the Earth Tree Favor Talisman, but you'll want to come back later as the two Grafted Kindred will likely kill you by falling from the ceiling, even if you run to grab it.

First go down the side of the bridge to the platform, then into the water, then onto the side walkway and take the elevator. You will appear on a platform above the carriage track with a banished knight spirit. Defeat him and go to the far left of the platform he was on. You will see three huge flower pots hanging over the carriage track. Now this is tricky, but you have to shoot the chain into a pot so it lands on the cart. If he's directly below you and about to hurtle down the track, now's a good time to do so.

The pot will explode, destroying the carriage and giving you the Earth Tree Great Bow. It also makes dungeon navigation much easier. You can now follow the trail to find the room with the Banished Knight's Sigil and Dragon's Communion to cast enchantments and reach the boss at the end of the dungeon.

Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero's Grave boss: Como vencer o Ulcerated Tree Spirit

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If you entered this dungeon right away, Ulcerated Tree Spirit might be too much for you given the relatively low damage you deal. anyway thatFeuerring-Head(opens in a new tab)it is a kind of giant wooden snake with fleshy legs that writhe. Watch out for his tail attacks - they have long loops, but be sure to dodge them and stay far enough away so you don't get carried away by his hideous appendage.

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Make sure to dodge it when it roars and launches into the air – this is a grappling attack that will likely take you out in one hit. After that, he often spits fire, which is a good window to deal damage. Stay on the left side whenever possible and take some sneaky shots from there to avoid his occasional paw strike.

When dealing damage on the right side, make sure your paws are down. Jump attacks and abilities are a great way to stagger him and unleash a counter to his glowing eye or just some charged attacks. When his health reaches around two-thirds of his HP, he glows white and unleashes an explosive AoE that shoots columns of fire from the ground. Run as fast as you can to avoid it, but keep an eye on the ground and look for the glowing lights that indicate where the pillars will spawn.

Once the wood snake is defeated, you will get a golden seed and the summoned exiled knight Oleg, a knight with two swords that you can ask for help once you have obtained it.bell calling the spirit.

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How to beat the Fringefolk Hero's Grave dungeon in Elden Ring (6)

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