Is flyboarding worth it? A complete guide for beginners. (2023)

You may have seen flyboarders on a lake or beach, or you may have come across them on YouTube. The equipment looks unusual and you may think that it is not available to you. That's really not true. Flyboarding is not difficult, but it does require some skill and guidance to understand how to do things the right way.

Flyboarding is worth it, but you should take some time to learn the basics and balance before trying anything fancy. After taking some time to practice, flyboarding can teach you to:

  • Dive
  • Fold
  • Fold

Since there isn't much information on the internet these days about the basics of flyboarding, I want to give you an introduction, a history of this new sport, and some resources for trying flyboarding or buying your own equipment. Below we explain what is flyboarding, flyboarding prices and flyboarding safety issues so that you know the basics of flyboarding.

How does a flyboard work?

Flyboarding, like any other sporting activity, is not as easy as it seems. But isn't that hard? With a little time and patience, you can learn the basics and then enjoy flying over the water. By learning the basics of flyboarding and using proper safety techniques, you can always stay safe while flyboarding.

An aflyboard is a flat board (more recently separate boots) that has bindings that you attach your feet to. There is a water jet tube under each leg. To operate, the flyboard must be connected to the jet ski with an adapter and hose.

Flyboard works as follows:

  • First, the water from the jet ski's boost tube is directed into a long hose instead of using it to move the jet ski.
  • The water then flows at high velocity through the pipe to the nozzles under the dash.
  • When water is released from the jetpack underfoot, the force is enough to lift the rider above the water.

So a flyboard is like a steerable fire hose attached to your feet.I wrote a whole post about the mechanics behind how flyboards work.. Be sure to read it for more information. Once you understand more about how a flyboard works and moves, you'll be doing tricks in no time. Doing flyboard tricks is easy to learn.

Learn the moves on a flyboard

Many flyboard instructors claim that it takes three to seven minutes to learn a few simple moves before a person can fly on the water well enough to have fun (They). From personal experience, that sounds about right.

You don't have to be young and fit to have fun learning to fly. Anyone of any age can participate in flyboarding and learn how to do it. Of course, if you have other experience with other types of boards such as snowboarding or wakeboarding, these skills can also be transferred to the flyboard.

When you start learning how to flyboard, you will immediately realize that you control your movements with your feet on the flyboard. So if you want to progress on your flyboard, all you have to do is lean forward. If you decide to go up, stand up straight. Although this sounds easy, it is easier to learn to fly than to learn to fly.

Flyboarding movement concepts are simple, but you still have to practice them to understand everything.

Flyboard remote kits to improve skills

When you first learn to flyboard, you will need to work with an instructor. This instructor controls the operation of the flyboard so that you get the momentum you want and need depending on the type of movement. First, the instructor goes out in the water with you and controls the flyboard for you until you get used to it.

(Video) Flyboard Instructional Video - How to get up and flying quickly

After you get used to your flyboard, you can try the remote flyboard kit. By purchasing a remote control kit, you can fly independently. You control a jet ski in the air without anyone driving the bike. This should only be done by the most advanced flyboarders and always with a Coast Guard approved life jacket.AquaticAviation sells this type of kits,For example.

It's quite a learning curve to use the flyboard with just the remote control. It is very difficult to learn to start flyboarding with this. However, once a person learns to use the remote control, he no longer needs to ride the jet ski and can fly independently.

Flyboard rental worldwide

History of Flyboard manufacturers

Before you buy a flyboard, you should consider several quality flyboard manufacturers. Since flyboards are a new concept, and flyboarding as an extreme sport has only been around since 2011, there isn't as much information about flyboarding and flyboards as there is about wakeboarding or surfing.

Flyboards Zapata Racing

The first flyboards were invented by Franky Zapata, a professional jet ski driver who grew up in France. Zapata also founded and operated the company Zapata Racing; He started making the first flyboards. However, Zapata may not have had an original idea.

Many people believe that Zapata came up with the idea for the Jetlev R200 Flyer, which was first developed in 2000 and sold almost immediately after development. However, the Jetlev is much more like a jetpack. You have to hold Jetlev on your back and control it with your hands in the water.

Jetlev concepts and high prices

Jetlev also developed a high-velocity bomb, as well as a canister to go along with the jetpack they developed. The entire package ended up costing over $100,000, which shows why the original idea didn't catch on as quickly. No one could afford such high costs. As a result, Jetlev's products are becoming increasingly popular as a vacation rental idea. However, the price of the product was too high for people to buy it.

Zapata's additional flyboard innovation

Since Jetlev had a great idea but didn't know how to make their products popular, Zapata Racing took the concept and tried to make it more affordable (They.) Zapata Racing came up with the concept of using a jet ski for propulsion instead of getting power from a boat. The entrance fee could be reduced by using Jet-Aki.

After the Jetlev first appeared in 2009, Zapata Racing took this concept further and swapped out their flyboards for jet skis. Zapata Racing launched its flyboard concept in 2011. In 2012 Zapata Racing launched the first World Flyboard Championship and hosted the event in Doha, Qatar. More than fifty flyboarders from twenty different countries attended and decided to participate in the event.

The popularity of this event so soon after the launch of the flyboard shows how quickly flyboarding has become popular (They). The World Flyboarding Championships have been held every year since 2012, and the number of flyboarders who show up to participate is growing every year. Both women and men are welcome to compete openly in different categories.

Other Innovative Flyboard Manufacturers

Since the flyboard was such a great invention, it wasn't long before other boat manufacturers decided to copy this innovation to compete with Zapata Racing. Some of these prominent companies are:

X-Jets have developed a flyboard product very similar to Zapata Racing. The X-Jet flyboard is called the Jetblade, but it's just another version of the flyboard with a different name. For people who need something more affordable, Wataboard has come to the market to fill that need. Wataboard makes a cheaper flyboard that has the same name as the company: Wataboard.

Innerspace has also developed its own version of the so-called FlyboardThe Savior.With this product, a person feels like they are sitting on a bicycle with a water jet pack attached, over the water. However, the Jetovator works and continues to work like the other vessels mentioned above. With so many companies now competing in the flyboard market, many great product innovations have been introduced to the market.

(Video) Flyboarding Instructional Video | Flyboarding in Goa | Technique & Training with Expert

With increased competition and demand, this means that the innovations each company offers continue to produce aircraft that are

  • Better
  • More interesting
  • More fun

Due to increasing competition, flyboards are not only getting better, but also the price of flyboards is falling. Because manufacturers like Wataboard also want to introduce affordable ideas that everyone can enjoy and buy.

The price of buying a flyboard

Now that we've looked at the top flyboard manufacturers, let's talk about how much it usually costs to buy a flyboard. The price of these items can vary greatly depending on the age and general production capacity of the flyboard.

Let's say you want the best of the best, and that's the new Pro Series flyboard. This type of flyboard will cost you between $5,600 and $6,200 on average. If you want to save some money, buying a year old flyboard can bring the price down anywhere from $600 to $1,200 depending on where you buy your flyboard.

The price of a flyboard largely depends on the type of tube you need and whether you need an adapter to use the flyboard. When you first purchase your flyboard, you will need to purchase an adapter set, connections, a tube and boots, or a board. If you buy a used kit, you will need to test the kit for leaks and cracks in the hose, as this will reduce pressure on the dash or trunk end.

The difference between new and old flyboards

Zapata's newer Flyboard models are lighter than previous Flyboard versions. Zapata flyboards that are from 2015 or older are about thirty percent lighter than their older counterparts. With a lighter flyboard, it is much easier for the person on the flyboard to control the flyboard while it is in the air. A lighter flyboard means less resistance to the water.

If you decide to buy a 2014 or earlier Flyboard model, it will be cheaper but much heavier than newer models. However, if you just want to learn and see if you enjoy the sport, it would probably be wise to save some money and buy an older or used model. That way, you don't have to spend as much money if the sport isn't for you.

In addition, the 2015 planes offer another additional enhanced feature that also makes them more expensive than their previous models. On the Flyboard since 2015, the Flyboard has adjustable foot pads.

This makes it much easier for the rider to adjust the direction of the feet while riding the board. A better foot position makes flyboarding easier and more comfortable.

On Flyboards made after 2015, the nozzles are adjustable. The adjustable mouthpiece allows the flyboard to offer the rider more efficiency on the move.

List of flyboard equipment

To operate a flyboard, you must have a personal watercraft. Avoid using supercharged models due to exhaust heating issues. You need more flow to prevent overheating, and using a flyboard doesn't cool the exhaust system as well as freeriding.

You don't need the best horsepower to flyboard anyway. Just buy a mid-range model, convert an old ski to a flyboard, or buy a used ski to save money.

Otherwise, when you buy a flyboard kit, you get everything you need to get your flyboard up and running. Usually you get the following:

(Video) FlyBoard How it Works

  • binding
  • Pumpkin
  • driver hose
  • U-Rohr
  • intestinal rupture
  • leg straps
  • Swing
  • Flyboard

So while you will have everything you need to fly when you buy your flyboard, you must own, have access to, or purchase a jet ski. Depending on the personal watercraft you choose and whether it's used or new, it can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $14,000. If you're just looking for something used and easy to get started, you can search eBay for listings.

Flyboard Price Factors to Consider

Once you have the jet ski part, there are several flyboard options to consider. Some units are sold as true boards with bindings in a single unit. Others have individual boots and bindings that can rotate independently, giving you more control behind the wheel.

We use both. Personally, my kids told me that the twist start option was more fun. I can't speak from experience as I've only ridden the fixed board versions. There is a slight difference in the controls as you can turn more easily with the separately controllable links.

Speaking of connections, you can choose between the following:

  • Medium binding to fit foot sizes 8-11
  • Large embroideries that cover foot sizes 11-13.

If you decide to buy a competitive flyboard like the Jetblade or Wataboard, you should know that the Jetblade costs around $6,000, which is about the same price as the average flyboard. Also, wataboards are usually under $4,000 for the whole thing. When choosing a wata board, you should keep in mind that it does not come with the bindings you need. Buying it separately will cost you about an additional $200.

Also, if you want to buy a remote control kit that allows you to operate the flyboard without assistance, allowing you to operate the flyboard manually, it costs about another $1,400. If you want to compete like a flyboard pro, you should buy this feature and spend a lot of time learning how to use it properly.

Aircraft Training Course Requirements

You must complete flyboard training before you can purchase and operate a flyboard yourself. For example, if you purchase a Zapata Racing flyboard, you must complete a training course before you can purchase a Zapata Racing flyboard. When you use a flyboard for the first time, you will learn to control the direction of the flyboard.

As the instructor controls the propulsion on the flyboard, you will learn to control the movements and height of your ride. You should also focus on learning how to balance on the board and how to properly shift your weight from one side to the other. Learning to ride a flyboard is somewhat similar to riding a Segway in that it moves forward when you lean forward and also backwards when you lean in that direction.

There are stricter training requirements when buying a flyboard than there are when renting one. As a customer, you need to learn how to properly attach the equipment to your ski, how to operate the skis, how to act as a flyboard pilot, and all the necessary safety information for all of these different roles.Due to pricing and training requirements, the majority of the 2,500 systems purchased between 2012 and 2020 were purchased by commercial rental companies.

The flyboard sounds too expensive

For many who have read this far, they have come to one of two conclusions: they want to buy this device with the idea of ​​starting a business or- It doesn't matter, it's very expensive, I'm retiring.For those of you who fall into the first category, see my post.11 ways to earn money with your jet ski. Consider your local market and your geography. For example, if you buy a used model to keep costs down, you probably won't get much of a return on your investment if you live inland in the snow belt.

However, if you live on the coast, especially in the southern regions, or on popular lakes, it may make sense to purchase equipment and training to start your own business.

For everyone else: try to rent at least once.If you are really having fun, arrange a few more lessons or just fly the occasional if you are in an area where flyboarding is possible.Here's a list of flyboarding options around the world from Viator.See the announcement at the end of the post for more options.

If you decide to take lessons or book a rental time, keep reading.

(Video) Flyboard Ryder - Beginners Guide for Flyboarding

Flight safety concerns

Flyboarding is an extremely safe sport. Recently, flyboarding has been considered one of the safest sports to learn (They.) Accidents and injuries are very unlikely with the flyboard. There have never been fatalities while flyboarding. You always have at least one experienced flyboarder to support and train you and sometimes there is another spotter who can help you.

When you try a flyboard course for the first time, you will be provided with personal safety equipment to use.

  • Lifejacket
  • Casco

While swimming is helpful if you want to windsurf, you don't need to be a good swimmer to fly.They always wear a life jacket.

Your first flyboard lesson: what to expect

So what can you expect after completing your first flyboard lesson? Your instructor will sit on the jet ski during your training session. Your instructor will also keep a distance from you so you don't land on the jet ski, but land safely in the water.

After the jet ski driver pulls you away from the ski, face forward in the water. Then your trainer gradually increases the force, and you lift your head and chest up. Her waist and legs follow naturally. It takes a few tries to find the balance between front and rear weight, but it's pretty quick.

When you first get out of the water, your instructor will tell you to focus on a point in the distance, and this can help you keep your balance. Yoga has used this technique for centuries to help people balance. By keeping your eyes on a fixed point, you can discover how to balance your flyboard more easily.

A fall into the water will occur and give you a chance to learn something. If you fall into the water, you will receive instructions on your fall. You should pay attention to the advice on what you did wrong and how to fix your posture or balance for the next attempt. Remember that the jet ski and instructor will never be more than a hose away, so help will always be 50 feet or closer to you.

If you fall, you have to protect yourself by turning around and just diving in. That way you won't fall face down in the water. Instead, it will go through the surface of the water with ease and landing on the water will not be painful at all.

At first, you're more likely to kneel and fall forward, landing feet first. I can tell you from experience that it won't hurt. The board absorbs some of the impact and your life jacket protects it all.

Follow your teacher's instructions

You should also listen carefully to your teacher and follow his instructions. The flyboard instructors will also not allow you to flyboard when the wind is strong or the tide is high. Dangerous weather conditions should be avoided while flyboarding and your safety should always come first.

Your instructor will also explain how you should stand on the board while flyboarding. He will learn the proper posture to help him keep his balance. To maintain proper posture, try the following tips:

  • Bend your knees slightly forward, but not both at the same time, for balance.
  • It also helps you prepare to learn to spin.
  • Stay upright when you get out of the water.

Proper posture is important when learning to flyboard. Although the list above sounds simple enough, it will take some time and practice to get used to controlling the flyboard based on your body movements. However, once you get used to it, you will find it to be a very rewarding experience.

final thoughts

With flyboarding, your new hobby will not only be exciting and fun, but also easy to learn. Unfortunately, flyboarding isn't cheap to start, but once you start, you probably never want to stop. If you decide to invest in the adventure, you will find that it is well worth the rewards.


The best advice I can give you is to plan your flyboarding well before committing to the sport. Instead of buying everything right away, you're better off booking flyboard trips near you (I've listed a few options in this post) or on a vacation where courses and experiences are available. So if you really enjoy the sport, you can not only buy and enjoy your own equipment, but you can also offer lessons to others and earn some money.

So explore your options, book a lesson, and give it a try.


Is flyboarding worth it? A complete guide for beginners.? ›

Flyboarding is worth it, although one does need to take some time to learn the basics and become comfortable with balance before attempting anything fancy. After taking some time out to practice, a person can learn how to do the following when flyboarding: Dive.

How long does it take to learn flyboarding? ›

How Long Does it Take to Learn to Flyboard? No time at all! Most people can learn in 3-7 minutes on average, and if you have experience with board sports, you can learn even quicker. The main thing is how well you can maintain your balance.

Does flyboarding require training? ›

The user can fly up to 30 to 35 feet above the water! Because the flyboard is extremely user friendly, it does not require weeks or days of training to try it out.

Can non swimmers do flyboarding? ›

It's not necessary to know swimming to be able to enjoy flyboarding; you can be a non-swimmer and enjoy the sport carefree and safely!

How to learn flyboarding? ›

Hold your feet steady below you in the water and keep the flyboard level. Once you give the thumbs up, the instructor controlling the PWC will turn the throttle so the water pressure pushes you halfway out of the water. Tilt your feet forward to propel yourself while still in the water to get a feel for how to move.


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